ICMTHSS Conference Topics

ICMTHSS Conference Topics

Your papers may fall in any of the following area:
Sub FieldsOnline Business
COVID-19Social Media
EducationSub Fields
Fake newsTeaching
International RelationsPolitics on COVID
LearningPublic Mind set
AgingGender Issues
Sub FieldsOnline Business
Ambient awarenessGlobalization Impacts
Black Lives MatterMass Media
Medical Sociology
Rural Sociology
Political SociologyOccupy movement
Online Society/Online CommunityOnline dating
Caring or Research for the ElderlyOnline Society/Online Community
Child ResearchPatriotism
CliquesPolice brutality
Conflict theoryPoverty gap
Counter-culturesSocial media activism
CultsSocial Policy and Social Legislation
Cultural appropriationSocial Psychology
Cultural assimilationSocial Research or Social Science
Equal paySocial stratification
Ethic in Society/Online SocietySocial Works in Modern Society
EthnicitySpirituality and religion
Family issuesStereotypes
Family ResearchSub-cultures
Fashion trendsTechnology/Criminology in Society
Flocking behavior 
Sub FieldsOnline Business
Advertising  Language and Communication 
Bias Media ethics
Bot journalists Memes
Cartoons Press embargoes
Comic strips Privacy
Communication Arts  Publishing
Communication Management Radio 
Education Communications and Technology  Slanting
Embedded journalism Social media as social justice
Fake news Social media literacy
Film Social networking
Information Communication  Tabloids
Journalism  Television 
Sub FieldsOnline Business
Alt-right National Popular Vote Bill
Automatic voter registration Open government
Bernie Sanders Parliamentary system
Campaign finance laws Political Economy
Congressional Review Act Political Science
Debates Politics and Ethics
Democratization Populism
Donald Trump Pork barrel legislation
Effect of mass media Presidential campaign
Environmental Protection Agency Presidential campaign
Executive actions Public Administration and Policy
Executive power, limits of Reforming and Consolidated
Facebook campaigning Regional Studies
Gerrymandering Regulations
Governmental Systems & Practices Social democracy
History of Western Political Thought Super PACs
International Affairs and Strategic Studies Supreme Court powers
International Relations Transparency
Line item veto Voter turnout
Mutual defense alliances Western Constitutional Thought
Sub FieldsOnline Business
Capital punishment as deterrent International Human Right Law 
Civil Law  International terrorism
Climate Change Law Labor and Social Law
Community policing Legal History 
Conflict of Laws  Legalization of marijuana
Copy Right Law  Lethal injection vs. electric chair
Crime statistic reporting Mandatory minimum sentencing
Criminal Law  Plea bargaining
Cyber crime Presumptive parole
Death penalty Prison overcrowding
Domestic violence Prostitution
Economic and Financial Law  Public Law 
Fiber evidence Racial profiling
For profit prisons Rehabilitation in prison
Forensic genealogy Riots
Forensic geology Serial killers
Fraud Sodomy laws
Hate crime Undercover police
Hate groups Voting rights for felons
Identity theft Warren court
Illegal drug use Witness protection program
Sub FieldsOnline Business
Innocence projects  
Anthropology Museums & heritage
History and Geography Music and Art 
Human Geography Philosophy 
Linguistics Regional Studies
Literature and Poetry Religious studies 
Sub Fields Online Business
Adult and Continuing Education Educational Theory
Civic Education and Leadership E-Learning
Distance Education Psychology and Counseling
Early Childhood Education Rehabilitation Counseling
Education Policy Special Education
Adult and Continuing Education Educational Theory
Civic Education and Leadership E-Learning
Classroom Management Higher Education
Curriculum & Instruction History of Education
Distance Education Humanities Education
Early Childhood Education Learning Disabilities
Elementary Education Learning Styles & Theories
Education Policy Science Education
Educational Administration Social Studies Education
Educational Psychology Special Education
Educational Standards Testing & Assessment
Educational Technology  
Sub FieldsOnline Business
Effects of Religion IssuesReligion and Spirituality in Society
Effects of Religion ProblemsReligions and Child
Effects of ReligionsReligions and Education
Effects of Religions on ChildReligions and Family
Effects of Religions on EducationReligions and Human
Effects of Religions on FamilyReligions and Humanity
Effects of Religions on HumanReligions and Life
Effects of Religions on HumanityReligions and Social Life
Effects of Religions on LifeReligions and Society
Effects of Religions on Social LifeReligions and Youth
Problems About Religions 
Sub FieldsOnline Business
Artificial languages Pidgins
Borrowed words Pragmatics
Constructed languages Psycholinguistics
Discourse Analysis Psychology of Language
Figurative Language Regional languages
Language and Advertising Secret languages
Language revitalization Semiotics
Linguistic Anthropology Sign Language
Linguistic Change Sociolinguistics
Metaphor Pidgins
Sub FieldsOnline Business
African Literature Languages and Dialects
American Literature Literary Styles and Movements
Asian Literature Literary Theory
Bilingualism Minority languages
British Literature Multilingualism
Children’s Literature Musical Theater
Drama Mystery and Detective Fiction
English language teaching Myth and Folklore
Euphemisms Nonfiction
European Literature Novels
Fairy tales Offensive Language
Fiction Philosophy of Language
Folklore Phonetics
Grammar and Word Use Phonology
Humorous Literature Poetry
Language Acquisition Professional Jargon
Language and Advertising Science fiction
Language and Cultural Identity Semantics
Language and Gender Short Stories
Language and Power Standard and Non-Standard English
Language and Technology Symbolism
Language and the Media Terminology
Language Disorders Theater
Language of Politics Written Language

Journal of Research and Policy Development

Journal of Interfaith Studies

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