Goals & Objectives


• Social policy development, implementation on the civil societies.

• Researching on social economic and sustainable development.

• Promote the operation of programs, policies, laws, and regulations based on Socioeconomic and religious development.

• Support the civil societies and assist civil society through the collaboration of government and other organizations in the social circle.

• Organizing the Research Training, Conferences, Publications, Lectures, and seminars on different themes, based on socioeconomic and religious development.


Our Institute is standing on such goals that are our task to achieve.

• serve as a source of expertise and advisory services for the government, private sector, and non-governmental initiatives supporting the implementation of Pakistan’s environment and development agenda.

• conduct policy-oriented research on socioeconomic and religious development from a broad multi-disciplinary outlook.

• Deliver policy guidelines on matters relating to our mission.

• contribute to strengthening the socio-economic and religious development in Pakistan.

Such activities are designed to provide:

• Policy Development for the Government.

• A Platform for policy dialogues

• Research Publications for active researchers

• Support the external researcher to promote innovative research

• Training Centre for Capacity Builders.

• Capacity building and stand the nation subject to the existing paradigms.

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