The Academic Research and Policy Development Foundation (ARPDF) Islamabad Pakistan is organizing 1st International Conference on Modern Trends in Humanities and Social Sciences 2021 (ICMTHSS) in collaboration with National Academy of Sciences Baku Azerbaijan, Uskudar University Istanbul Turkey and Khwaja Fareed UEIT Pakistan on 6–8 July 2021. The central theme of this year’s conference is Modern Trends in Humanities and Social Sciences: with special focus on post COVID-19 Scenarios. Contemporary world is passing through transitions. Early globalists like Alvin Toffler warned of future shocks (1970) and transitions in the nature of power (1990). Technology led globalization enhanced connectivity that expedited capital, information and human flows that facilitated Friedman Flat World (2005). Some unintentional flows i.e. flows of virus & diseases were never anticipated. Bird flu, swine flu, HIV, dengue & Congo virus were alerts of globalization of diseases. COVID-19 was a first full scale global viral attack that opened cascade of social, economic, moral and even legal changes. Market, businesses, mode of transactions, notions of profitability, service sector, moral obligations almost everything is undergoing transformation due to COVID-19.
We are already observing changes in all walks of life. From business to education and from greeting guests at home to praying at religious places almost each and every segment of life is getting revived. Researchers in humanities and social sciences are paying heed to these changes. Novel ways of living, working and ruling are emerging and our roles as citizens, consumers and investers drastically modifying.


  • The Academic Research and Policy Development Foundation
  • National Academy of Sciences Baku Azerbaijan
  • Uskudar University, Istanbul Turkey
  • Khwaja Fareed UEIT Pakistan
  • Azerbaijan Institute of Theology

ICMTHSS Important Dates

Deadline for submission of paper abstracts: 03 June 2021 Notification of the decision for paper abstracts: 15 June 2021 Final date of submission Power Point Presentation in given Format: 20 July 2021 Registration opens: 15 June 2021 Early bird registration deadline: 10 July 2021 Regular

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Guidelines for Abstracts

Please make sure to include the following information (in the given order) in your abstract: The title of your paper: The words in the title should be initially capitalized and their number should not exceed 14. Author name(s), affiliation(s) and email ID(s) Body of the

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ICMTHSS Conference Topics

Your papers may fall in any of the following area: Post COVID 19 Sub Fields Online Business COVID-19 Social Media Education Sub Fields Fake news Teaching International Relations Politics on COVID Learning Public Mind set Aging Gender Issues Society and Sociology Sub Fields Online Business

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Call for Papers

The central theme of this year’s conference is Modern Trends in Humanities and Social Sciences: with special focus on post COVID-19 Scenarios. World is currently going through one of the most significant historical changes ever experienced since the days of Black Death in Europe. COVID-19

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Special Invited Speakers

Prof. Dr. Isa Habibbeyli

Ass. Prof. Dr. Agil Shirinov

Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan

Dr. Afsar Rathor

Prof. Dr. M. Ijaz

Prof. Dr. Basmah Jastaniah

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nasir

Organizing Committee


Prof. Dr. Konal Y.Bunyadzade Azerbaijan


Dr. Habib M. S


Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ozdemir

Chair Communication and Coordination/ Secretary

Mr. Shahzad W. Islamabad Pakistan

Chair Scientific Committee

Dr. Muhammad Zubair Islamabad Pakistan

Chair Program Committee

Dr. Ahmad Raza, Pakistan

Chair Publication Committee

Dr. Syed Abdul Rehman Shah

Chair Reception

Ms. Zainab Moin Fatima

Advisory Committee

Dr. Syed Abdul Rehman

(UET Taxila)

Prof. Dr. N. B. Jumani

(Vice President IIUI Islamabad Pakistan)

Prof. Dr. Ejaz Qureshi

(Rector NCBA Lahore Pakistan)

Prof. Dr. Mussawar

(HoD Departmet of Political Science IUB Bahawalpur Pakistan)

Abu feyz Suleymanov

Uskudar Univesity, Head of dept. of Sociology, Uksudar University, Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Mehmood Ul Hassan

(HoD Department of English)

Dr. Umar Thamrin

(Alauddin State Islamic University Indonesia)

Dr. Ahmed Obralik

(International Sarajevo University Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Dr. Fosal Khan


Dr. Abdul Khaliq Qazi

Melbourne University, Australia

Dr. Sameera Abdullah Al-Refaie

Yarmouk University, Jordan

Mr. Nasir Khan

Vienna University, Austria

Mr. Hafiz Munir Ahmed

Jamia Al-Azher University, Egypt

Mr. Mohammed Abdel Fadeel Abdel Rahem

Jamia Al-Azher, Egypt

Mr. Arshad Munir

Nigeria University, Nigeria

Syed Lakht-e-Husnain (SI)

Chairman Muslim Hands UK.


You have to register to present and/or attend the conference. The conference registration includes entry to all sessions of the conference. Every attending member from among the presenters and/or observers will have to register. Please note maximum one accepted paper with the same first author would be included in the program and only one accepted paper would be presented against one registered author. Authors with multiple submissions should take this point into account.

Registration Fee

Registration fee per person for Early bird and Regular categories are given in the following.

Type of the participant
Early bird category
Pakistani Local Presenters (Student)
500 PKR
Pakistani Local Presenters (Professional)
500 PKR
Azerbaijani Local Presenters (Student)
10 USD
Azerbaijani Local Presenters (Professional)
12 USD
Turkish Local Presenters (Student)
10 USD
Turkish Local Presenters (Professional)
12 USD
International presenters
15 USD
International Attendant
10 USD

Regular category

Type of the participant
Regular category
Pakistani Local Presenters (Student)
700 PKR
Pakistani Local Presenters (Professional)
700 PKR
Azerbaijani Local Presenters (Student)
15 USD
Azerbaijani Local Presenters (Professional)
20 USD
Turkish Local Presenters (Student)
15 USD
Turkish Local Presenters (Professional)
20 USD
International presenters
25 USD
International Attendant
15 USD

Bank account details

The registration fee will be deposited in the following bank account.

Account Title:


Account Number:
Branch Code:
Bank Name & Address:
IBAN Number:


Conference Registration

Please attache your Payment details.

    What days will you attend? Day1Day2Day3

    I understand that I will have to pay registration feeYes
    Please attache your submitted payment details:

    Modes of Payment/Registration

    You are required to deposit the registration fee through Online/Bank Transfer or via ATM Transaction in the first step. While making an ATM transaction, make sure that the machine will generate the printed receipt of your transaction. In the second step you would fill out the registration form by typing data in different fields and inserting your photograph.

    Having this please submit the soft/scanned copies of (1) the complete registration form and (2) the receipt of the deposit transaction to icmthss2021@gmail.com by deadline in a separate email. The subject line of the registration email should read Registration for ICMTHSS 2021. The registration forms found incomplete/unreadable or without a copy of the deposit receipt or with the copy of the receipt not clearly showing the date and the amount of the fee paid would not be considered for processing. After successful processing of your registration application, your name would be included in the List of Reg. Participants found online.

    Please note payment of the registration fee does not mean that the organizers would provide you any accommodation or traveling facility in return. The host would however only indicate some economical accommodation options in the city one month before the conference.

    For further queries/ assistance CONTACT:

    Email paper abstract to icmthss2021@gmail.com
    For details: https://arpdf.org/index.php/icmthss_conference/


    Email: icmthss2021@gmail.com
    Email: mammadzadehturkan@gmail.com
    Email: belkissekeroglu@gmail.com
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